What is the Wheatgrass Diet?

How long should the wheatgrass diet be in your opinion? Starting from 30 days to five months, or we just take it now generally because it’s good for us.

How do I properly start the wheatgrass diet?

That’s the easiest thing ever. However, what you need is some self-discipline. Because, from now on, every day (starting with one) we should eat two ice cubes with wheatgrass. I had not been ill for over a year. No flu, no cold, just healthy. I feel good, my body is changing and my mood swings are gone. I have not changed much in my way of life, only wheatgrass juice and barleygrass juice came into my life. Daily 30ml and I feel great. I do not want to persuade anyone here, only I can say good knowledge that the barley grass and wheatgrass diet has changed my life.

Wheatgrass & weight loss

Back to the topic of how to start the wheatgrass diet. At first it takes some getting used to a sip of grass. But that quickly disappears by itself. You get used to it quickly. Either fastdown with it or maybe some apple juice with quantities. In the best case, but you take some fresh fruit to it. Maybe an orange or water and raspberries. Get into the smoothie maker with it and you can enjoy it.

What are the costs of a Wheatgrass diet?

It Depends. Of course, there are various offers, ranging from 30 days to 150 days. Daily Wheatgrass juices add up to about 85 cents a day. If you consider that others spend several dollars on daily beer, glass of wine or cigarettes, you are on the right track with this wonder weapon.

Does it make you fit?

Honestly, it works differently for everyone. Personally, I have lost 16 kg in a few months on a healthy way. For friends who are very sporty could also be perceived changes. It could bring even more power during training and no matter what age group or what professional and environment they came from.

Conclusion: I can only advise you to a wheat grass diet. It keeps with keeping you fit and healthy.