How To Make Juice From Wheatgrass

With wheatgrass you make the true green juice because 70% of its composition is pure chlorophyll. Best of all, you can sprout wheat seeds at home, making the whole process more fun!

To sprout wheat you will need a handful of wheat grains (industrialized wheat grains do not germinate because they go through the irradiation process that kills the seeds). Then take a simple colander and place a handful of the grain that covers the bottom. Put under the tap and rinse.

Rest the colander in a container with enough water to cover the grains for 12 hours. After this period, the “germination in the air” begins, that is, keep the colander with the grains supported in the same container, but now without water.

Just rinse the wheat daily without letting it soak. Gradually the shoots appear. About 10 days later you will have a beautiful wheat grass! Then comes the time to make the juice!

Cut a handful of grass and put it in a blender along with a fresh fruit and a handful of chia seed and flax seed. Beat for a few seconds. Then just strain, preferably in the strainer and drink.