How To Cultivate Wheatgrass

Is Wheatgrass cultivation good?

Of course it is good to have your food and wheatgrass cultivation at home on the windowsill or in the garden. But where does it start and where does it stop? Whatever! Now let’s talk about wheatgrass cultivation. In general, one has to say in advance, this of course also applies to barley grass cultivation, or seedlings. In most cases, the cultivation of seedlings or grasses is not expected to cost much.

What do I need for material?

First, of course, a germ box, germ husk or a miniature greenhouse. These are available in many different types and shapes, whether round, angular, oval or even in the floor house variant. Then we still need the desired seedlings. In our case, of course, for the wheat grass cultivation wheat seedlings. If you really want to do it properly you have to pay attention to one thing – the temperature. Since we do not have a constant room temperature of around 25 degrees, an LED heat lamp would be ideal for plants, but not a must. In the spring and summer months it does the sill too (inside of course). In the other months, however, it could be a bit difficult with the wheatgrass cultivation, because of course light is needed.

Last but not least, you need a few more days patience. Of course, it is also a bit of work, and you should look after the cultivation, because after seven to ten days, it is time and you can reap the first time. Cut off, wash and enjoy. Either in thirds and mix in the salad or just put on a nice juicy steak, add the vegetables or, or, or….

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