How To Create a Guanabana Wheatgrass Smothie

Well, let’s first clarify how this fruit is called. Apart from Guanabana they are also called Sauersack in German-speaking countries. They are up to four kilograms and also up to 40 inches long, so very nice Brummer. However, one should not eat them just like that, because in the pulp of Guanabana are big black seeds that are poisonous. Since we do not have to keep this in mind, we will transfer the recipe to the recipe relatively quickly. Why we do not have to pay attention? Quite simply, we use guanabana fruit puree. This not only saves us a lot of work but is also sensational in its use. Fix and ready, there’s the sour cream fruit puree here.

Before we change the subject, here is where you can find the fruit. It originated in the Caribbean and South America. Meanwhile also similar varieties of the Annonengewächse grow in Spain. So not so far away from us.

Where do I buy Guanabana?

We have already clarified that. Simply order online at There will also soon be your own combinations. Thus, it is firstly cheaper and secondly, you can immediately get a monthly supply of fruit puree.

Ingredients for a guanabana wheatgrass smoothie:

  • A bag of guanabana fruit puree
  • Wheatgrass juice or barley grass juice in ice cube form (1 to 2 pieces)
  • 150ml of water
  • alternatively 50% water and 50% orange juice
  • Sweeten up to your heart’s content


As explained with other recipes. Simply cut the fruit puree bag  two to three times. The smaller the pieces are pre-cut, the easier the work for the mixer. Of course it works faster, too. Add the wheatgrass ice cubes, water and some honey (I like to use) and it can be mixed.

After about 30 seconds, everything is nice and creamy and can be pleasant to drink. Personally, I like to use slightly warmer water during the cold season. The fruit puree is frozen, and that the wheatgrass juice ice cubes are also cold is self-explanatory. Just with slightly warmed up water, it’s not all that cold.