Can You Drink Wheatgrass Juice If You Have a Gluten Allergy

Can you drink juice from wheatgrass when you have gluten allergy? People with celiac disease cannot under any circumstances ingest gluten; but does wheatgrass contain gluten? We sorted it out for you.

What Is Wheat Grass?

Wheatgrass are sprouted wheat grains. In other words, the grass that grows from wheat seeds. Wheatgrass is therefore the young plant of wheat. Because wheat naturally contains gluten, you might think that wheatgrass also contains gluten. But is that so?

Wheatgrass and gluten;  what’s up with that?

Were There Gluten In Wheat Grass?

Gluten is found in mature grains such as wheat, spelled, rye and barley. The cereal grains that the crop has produced consist of a bran, a germ and a flour core (the endosperm).

Gluten is a group of proteins (glutenin and gliadin) that is found in the endosperm of a grain.

The name would make you think that there is gluten in wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is just not yet fully grown. Simply put, the plant is still in its ‘childhood phase’. It has not yet become a real grain.

In this growth phase no spikes have yet been able to form (that ‘feather’ at the end of the crop). The grain contains grain (which therefore contains gluten). This makes wheatgrass gluten-free.

Is Wheat Grass Safe With Gluten Allergy?

Wheatgrass is naturally gluten free. However, it is not automatically safe to use in case of celiac disease or with an intolerance to gluten. Wheatgrass can be contaminated with mature wheat, which means that it contains gluten.

For example, if part of the crop is harvested too late, it may be that seeds have already formed. There may also be a risk of cross-contamination in the further production process. For example, when the wheatgrass is processed in the same factory as the mature grain, wheatgrass can still contain gluten.

If you want to be sure that your wheatgrass is really gluten-free, there are two options:

1. Cultivate wheatgrass yourself, so you know exactly when to harvest it;

2. Buy a certified gluten-free wheatgrass product. When this is stated on the packaging you know that the production chain is gluten-free.

Wheatgrass is naturally gluten free.  Cross-pollination can nevertheless occur.

Is Wheat Grass Safe With Gluten Allergy Or Not?

Wheatgrass is the immature variant of the grain. As a result, it does not yet contain seeds and is therefore gluten-free. Wheatgrass can be ‘contaminated’ with gluten, depending on the production process. That is why it is not completely safe with celiac disease. Producing yourself or buying a certified gluten-free wheatgrass product offers the solution.