Blood Orange Wheatgrass Smothies

Perfect for the winter is the Blood Orange Wheatgrass Smoothie, because now it’s time again for the red vitamin bombs. These are only available from about November, December to February. Did you know that they get the color by the temperature differences from day to night? Yes, exactly. The colder it is at night, and the warmer it is during the day, the darker the pulp becomes. Actually a little natural wonder.

The beauty of this wheatgrass juice smoothie is that we can take advantage of the sweetness of the blood oranges and blend in with the delicate taste of the wheatgrass juice. Personally, I have no extra sweeteners like honey or birch sugar in this wheatgrass smoothie.

With two blood oranges you cover the daily requirement of vitamin C. They are simply veritable vitamin bombs. Similarly, it is said that they are cancer preventive and act against inflammation. So our Blood Orange Wheatgrass Smoothie should be perfect with it.

  • Two blood oranges
  • One to two wheatgrass juice ice cubes
  • Refine with mint at will
  • preparation

Either you simply squeeze the blood oranges and dissolve the wheatgrass juice ice cubes in it. Or you proceed as follows. Wash and peel the red vitamin bombs. Pluck mint with some feeling from the stems, wash and pat dry with a cloth or paper towel. Then add all the ingredients, including our wheatgrass juice, to the ice cubes and mix until it takes on a nice low-viscosity form. Please note that due to the different mixers the dwell time in the mixer may vary. I currently have a fairly cheap device. It takes a few seconds for the mint to completely grind.

Tips on blood oranges

When you go shopping, make sure the fruit is still firm. Because then they keep you a good week if you keep them cool and dry. I usually buy a net with several pieces, because then they are cheaper than in the Enzelkauf.