About Us

Hey everyone my name is Samuel and thanks for reading my Blog!

To give you guys some background I use to have a very poor diet which led to me being obese, this caused multiple issues such as; out of breath constantly, binge eating, suffering from depression and finding it hard to fit in my clothes.

However I decided to take action (hardest part to do) and I started by eating fruits daily and juicing, that’s when I stumbled on the internet something to do with the benefits of Wheatgrass and I haven’t looked back since.

Wheatgrass has transformed my whole life as It’s simple to consume and create and has allowed me to better myself and my family as i’m now healthier and most importantly happier.

That is why this blog was created to help you understand the benefits of Wheatgrass and to help you through the process of getting healthier.

Disclaimer: All information on this site is intended for informational use and based on my experience. It is advised to seek a doctor regarding the best methods to take for your particular health circumstances.